7 thoughts on “Infra Red Tree On A Frosty Morning.

  1. Very interesting! Love the result!
    I recently tried my first two rolls of IR, Efke Aura 820, 120film, and tried different exposures with the IR filter and a red filter, and of those two rolls there was only one image that I kind of liked…..
    So right now I’m looking for inspiration to try it again, so thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful photo!
    Btw, it was a real struggle to load the film in the changing bag, just had to guess where to stop and that didn’t go so well either…..

    • Hi Marie, thanks for your comments.
      Infrared is very much trial and error. I spent quite a while taking them digitally but I keep thinking its kind of cheating. I totally agree with you about getting one shot from a roll of film, consider yourself lucky. Have you tried out Ilford Sfx yet, it doesn’t need total darkness to load it. I have a few rolls here but I haven’t tried using it yet. I find infrared quite exciting though, I love the sense of anticipation, not to be trusted if you are on an important shoot.
      Thanks so much for dropping by, please do stay in touch.
      I see you are also a film fanatic, I have been over and really enjoyed your blog.

      • Thanks a lot for the info about Ilford, I love Ilford films, but it is kinda hard to find, but I will for sure look for it, would rather use that, Efke is beautiful, but a bit to hard when I’m learning, it is hard to load, and very very sensitve for scratches….
        I have a really good supplier here in Sweden, I’m gonna check with them.
        THANKS for visiting and following! 🙂
        Have a great day!

  2. Hi again!
    You know what? I’ve just ordered some Ilford SFx, thanks to you! I wasn’t aware of that film before you told me about it, and it seems to be just what I’ve been looking for, so I’m very thrilled about it. It will be great to try it!
    Have a wonderful day!

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