Two Deer Recovering.

Deer in the Phoenix Park

This is a shot from a misty winters morning excursion to the Phoenix Park.
I am not sure whether these lads were just resting in the morning sunshine or if they are indeed trying to recover from a heavy night on the booze. I often wonder if all the animals get together in the late hours in the park, when all has gone quiet and dark. I can imagine the scene with the squirrels arriving weighed down with nuts, the ducks with lots of stale bread, wild dogs with biscuit treats and the deer being the main offenders with a selection of home brews. The deer spend the entire winter using all manner of windfall from the trees to brew up some brain melting concoction that nobody even likes, but hey, when you’re stuck in a park all night you gotta take something to keep you warm. I would say it all starts very formal and slowly degrades into one great big shouty singalong. My guess is the squirrels are the biggest messers, they can travel great distances and also tend to get closer to humans so they can gather all the best [and latest] jokes that are going around. You think they are scavenging for food when they hang around your lovely picnic table, but no, they are actually listening in to everything you say and saving all the funny moments for later. I have often tried to photograph squirrels in the park and for years assumed those cute little hands were delicately trying to prise open nut shells, think again, they are in fact scribbling down humorous happenings in tiny miniature notebooks.

This is not something I have made up myself for the purpose of this blog, I know this all to be fact but my sources have asked to be anonymous.

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