My Equipment

People regularly ask me what equipment I have used to take these photos so here goes with all the geeky technical information.

First of all I should mention that I am not a great believer that you need to spend an absolute fortune in order to take a really good photograph.
In my opinion the most important piece of equipment is totally free, and that would be your eyes. Photography is all about composing the shot before you even think about pointing the camera at anything.

The older shots were taken on a Canon 300d but I really don’t use that anymore.

I currently use a lovely old Canon 20d, simply because it’s nice and bulky and I just love the feel of a slightly bigger camera in my hands.
Attached to that us usually my trusty old Tamron 28 – 80mm lens, again it’s not an expensive bit of equipment but has served me very well over the years.
I also tend to use the classic Canon 50mm f1.8.
For the longer shots and zooming right in on wildlife I use a Canon 75-300mm usm lens, it’s also a superb lens for low light situations.
I’m not a huge fan of using too many filters but all my lens have uv filters attached to them, apart from anything else they protect the front of the lens so I would advise using them on every lens you have.
I usually only carry a couple of filters in my bag.
I always have a deep red [R2] filter for bringing up a bit of contrast.
A nice yellow filter just to brighten up a slightly dull day.
A cokin graduated filter for those situations when the sky is just too bright for the rest of the shot.
My favourite piece of equipment these days would be my infra-red filter which is a Hoya R72.

I have a Slik Able 300Dx tripod, it’s a good solid piece of equipment and not too heavy for those long walks.

I tend to shoot at an iso between 800 and 1600, I just love the slight grain that these speeds add to black and white photos.

I shoot everything in raw format, it really does allow so much more when you go to process the photos.

That’s pretty much all that comes in my bag, as you can see it’s not a very expensive setup.

If you have any questions about anything listed here then please don’t hesitate to drop me an email and I will be glad to help you.


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