A Dreamlike Vision In The Trees

Anytime I look at this photo I always think how soft everything looks in it. It’s a wonderful side effect of infra-red, particularly on grassy areas, it almost makes it look like snow. Believe me it couldn’t be further from snow if I tried, this was in fact a beautiful summers day, this entire area just happened to be under the shade of the trees. I love stumbling upon this little used walkways through some of the thicker forested areas, I am sure there are plenty of other people who use them but I always get this feeling that I am the only one around, very pleasant indeed.

I wasn’t sure at first about the two main trees in the shot, both look like they are falling over but I find you tend to lean your head whilst looking at the picture and I love watching people doing exactly the same thing as me when they view it.

I find this quite a lonely almost cold feeling photograph but there is something about the trail of the pathway that always makes me wonder what is around that corner.


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