The Common Beech

Common BeechI think one of the reasons I like this photo so much is simply because I am in it myself.

Normally when I start processing a photo like this I would instantly dismiss it because of my own shadow, photographers can be fussy people when it comes to something like this. A lot of people would deem this to be a mistake on behalf of the photographer, you will very rarely see a photographers shadow in a picture. On this occasion I tried to include myself as I like the contrast between the shadow from the trees and my extra long looking legs, trust me, I am not that tall in real life.

This photo was taken on a bitterly cold winters morning, it’s hard to believe that from the gorgeous sunshine but trust me, this was one of those mornings when you don’t stand still for too long.

I am guessing this area of the park features some of the oldest trees, judging by the amount of old stones placed in the ground anyway.

I could do some research on the origins of the headstone like markers in the ground but unfortunately I am a photographer and not a historian.

Fagus sylvatica is better known to us as the European Beech or Common Beech, normally quite a tall straight tree, hence the beautiful long shadows they cast.

I love this area of the park in the winter, it is a bit of a trek to get there but oh so wonderful to just ramble around in the crisp leaves, the only other company being the odd squirrel. The trees are all beautifully spread out, you almost get the feeling that this is some kind of peaceful retirement home for some of the older trees, there is very little new growth going on around here and I think that is exactly the way these old boys want it. They don’t want to be disturbed by young upstarts making their life difficult by encroaching on their space or even engaging in conversation with them.


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