Tall Trees In The Furry Glen

Furry Glen

Another photo taken in the rather picturesque area known as the Furry Glen.

This was taken just at the main wooden steps on the way down into the Glen itself.

I found this pair of trees and they kind of reminded me of a pair of cacti, maybe they have some grand aspirations to slowly morph into another type of plant or maybe I am witnessing the dawning of a new subspecies of tree.

The pathway between the trees leads down to a small lake which is over to the right of the picture, I will hopefully get some good photos of the lake very soon.


Down In The Furry Glen

Furry Glen in Phoenix Park

This was taken only yesterday in an area of the park known as The Furry Glen. It’s a beautifully quite part of the park set in a hollow and surrounded by some awesome tall trees.

Down in the hollow sits a calming area of water, too small to be a lake and not quite small enough to be just a pond, if you try to amalgamate the words you end up with either a “land” or a “poke”, you can choose which one suits best.

It’s a real suntrap down here, even on a cold winters day you can barely ever feel even the slightest breeze.

It’s funny but every time I visit this area I always meet some highly knowledgeable local with plenty of interesting tales about this part of the park, rumour has it that there are lots of magical happenings going on down here. Just yesterday I met one man who informed me of the rather rare phenomena of seeing water travel up a hill. Apparently every time it rains there is a certain stretch of path upon which rainwater travels uphill to a shore. I also met another lad who guaranteed me that if I photographed a certain cluster of trees that the resulting photo would reveal three faces in the photo, not visible with the naked eye. I should have been immediately sceptical but I tried and tried with no success, he then told me the light wasn’t quite right for them to appear, I wonder who the gullible one is in this scenario.
There are some lovely rustic wooden steps in and out of the glen and obviously with such a love of trees I just couldn’t resist spending a bit of time trying to capture them.

Taken on a beautiful March afternoon with some lovely golden spring sunshine.

Sometimes you need to look up !

So as you may know at this stage if you have visited this blog before, I am rather obsessed with trees and pretty much everything to do with them.

On occasion I do love to simply look up when I am in the middle of a cluster of trees and see what the world looks like way up there.

I love the effect of a wide-angle lens on this kind of scene, everything seems to be falling in on top of me. It’s quite rare to see people wandering around looking up at the tree tops, I suppose it’s quite dangerous when you think about it. Personally it’s one of my favourite past-times, you just never know what you are going to spot up there. I love the massive tangle of branches, at times it’s hard to figure out which branches belong to which trees. I think this photo could make a great [and rather complex] game for kids, make them trace back each branch and work out which tree it leads back to. I know it would probably melt their brains but at least it would keep them quite for a while……….and before you ask, yes I do have kids.

A Dreamlike Vision In The Trees

Anytime I look at this photo I always think how soft everything looks in it. It’s a wonderful side effect of infra-red, particularly on grassy areas, it almost makes it look like snow. Believe me it couldn’t be further from snow if I tried, this was in fact a beautiful summers day, this entire area just happened to be under the shade of the trees. I love stumbling upon this little used walkways through some of the thicker forested areas, I am sure there are plenty of other people who use them but I always get this feeling that I am the only one around, very pleasant indeed.

I wasn’t sure at first about the two main trees in the shot, both look like they are falling over but I find you tend to lean your head whilst looking at the picture and I love watching people doing exactly the same thing as me when they view it.

I find this quite a lonely almost cold feeling photograph but there is something about the trail of the pathway that always makes me wonder what is around that corner.