10 thoughts on “Tom Waits’ Big Top Tent

    • Ah, thanks Charlie, good to hear from you again.
      Due to our miserable wet weather our trees tend to loose their leaves before having a chance to go yellow. By the time the weather has turned cold enough the leaves are all on the ground. We don’t really get proper seasons over here, just lots of rain and various degrees of cold.

      • That’s no good. Oh well every environment has its ups and downs. We get yellow trees most years but no reds. The shrubs and bushes turn red so its not too bad. Glad you are taking pictures again. I need some monochrome inspiration! I need to process a mountain of files this fall before the winter pictures start….at least some of them 🙂

        • We don’t really get any extremes of weather so we have to be thankful for some things, its rare we ever get snow, high winds etc but it’s also very rare that we get too many summer days either. We would probably get better sunshine in the winter months, that’s why I love our winter so much, its great for photography. Dedicate a day soon to monochrome, turn you camera to black and white mode and restrict yourself to monochrome. It’s a good excercise sometimes, makes you see things a little bit differently.

  1. Thanks for the advice 🙂 I have been switching to the monochrome setting once in a while when I am out just to see what it would look like. But I should set out and insist on shooting nothing but B&W for a day.

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