May Be The Gates Of The Cheshire Home

Near The Cheshire Home

This was actually the photo I was on my way to take when I happened to stumble upon the dead pigeon in the previous post [click here]

I really have no idea where these gates lead to but my educated guess would be an alternative entrance into the Cheshire Home. The gates are now quite rusted and chained up with a big padlock. As you can probably see from the overgrown trees the gates haven’t been opened in quite some time. The tree on the right hand side of the picture is what really caught my attention [as I nearly walked on a dead pigeon]. It looks like some creature from a sixties low budget horror movie. It was almost consuming the gatepost but was actually attacking it from above. The next scene in this movie features only one gate post and the viewer thinking about what is missing.

I decided to get really low down on the ground to take this one [what must the staff in the park think of me at this stage], by that I mean I actually lay down on the ground, I really wanted to make the place look like the entrance to Bates Motel from Psycho. I think the dead leaves scattered on the ground really add to the haunting feel of the scene.

After taking the photo, I then had to go straight home as I was all wet from lying on the ground. I’m a fool for my art


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4 thoughts on “May Be The Gates Of The Cheshire Home

  1. The gates are known as the “west gates” to St. Mary’s Hospital. They are no longer used. The last time they were used (for vehicles etc.) was during the filming of “The Boxer” [Jim Sheridan, 1997] which used the old gym ibuilding n the hospital as main set for ring scenes. Previous to this, the gates were not in use since late 1960s I believe.

    • Hey Paul, thank you so much for all that information.
      I really do appreciate it. Sometimes it can be quite hard to find very specific information about some areas, like for example, a pair of old derelict gates.
      Thanks for taking the time out to help me out on this one.
      Please drop back again soon.

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