Sheelagh Na Gig

This week I spent a rather wonderful and relaxing day in the fine village of Cloughjordan. I was hanging five of my limited edition prints in a really lovely bookshop / coffee shop / music shop called Sheelagh Na Gig. Run by an old friend of Road Records, Elizabeth OShea. If you are near the Cloughjordan area then drop in a say hello, hell, even buy something from her, it will go a long way, if you are not in the area then take a journey. Three of the prints are part of my new limited edition series of handmade darkroom prints on proper old fashioned photographic paper, made by my very own hands and will cost you a measly €30 each.

I’m going to be doing a full on exhibition down there at the end of June, more info on that particular gem in the next week or two.

Check em out on Facebook when you get a chance at Sheelagh Na Gig

If you are reading this Liz, thanks again for such a wonderfully warm welcome, my first ever window feature, chesire cat is an understatement..


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