My Name Is Wellington

Wellington Monument

The Wellington Monument, eh ?

It’s beginning to seem like a little personal dual between the two of us at this stage.
Ok, I am well aware that this very large inanimate object doesn’t purposely try to elude me but sometimes it just feels that way. All I am asking of this massive stone structure is to simply situate itself in one of my photographs so that I can finally be happy with it and then move on to something else. Every time I pass by I spot another opportunity to catch it unawares, set up my camera and quickly snap. Actually it never really happens like that, I usually spend about twenty minutes looking through the lens trying to get everything just right, there is nothing quick about setting up a huge medium format camera on a tripod and then measuring all the different sources of light.

I have to admit I really like this one. I think it almost looks like I managed to slowly sneak up on the gigantic pillar and press the shutter button before it ran away. Ok, I will repeat myself here, I know it can’t move or run away but I am taking no risks at this stage.

For those of you who have never been in the Phoenix Park, this thing is really huge. For those of you who have been in the Phoenix Park, it’s huge isn’t it. Tell the rest of them how big it is.

I should warn you, this is the beginning of a series of three new shots I have of the monument, so if you don’t like this one then I advice you stay away for a week or two.

Taken on a Bronica medium format camera filled with Kodak Tri-x 400 speed 120mm film. I printed the photo myself in a traditional darkroom [sorry, I like to boast from time to time]

(Comments and opinions are greatly appreciated, please feel free to let me know what you think)


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2 thoughts on “My Name Is Wellington

  1. Hi Dave,
    Being stubborn pays off in the long run 🙂
    I don’t shoot with as an advance apparatus as you(Nikon D50 SLR) but, I share the need to find “the right” shot.
    Thanks for sharing; much enjoyed.

    • Thanks Barb, I must admit I’m not normally as stubborn as this but the monument is so big that I really couldn’t give up until I was happy.
      I always say its not the camera its the eye that takes a photograph, doesn’t matter what you hold in your hand, if you don’t see the photograph properly then it doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive piece of equipment.
      Keep shooting.

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