The Phoenix Park Tea Rooms

There is something about the sight of the Tea Rooms in the Phoenix Park that always brings me back to my early childhood. I think it always reminds me of those highly memorable days when we were all brought on an exciting day out to the zoo.

We are going way back to the late seventies here and it was long before my parents even contemplated buying a car. We grew up in a quiet little village called Dundrum at the time, it’s not such a quiet little village anymore as I’m sure most of you know now but trust me, when I was only a little kid Dundrum was no more than a few shops and one tiny little street. I remember we used to have to walk across to Clonskeagh and get the number 10 bus to the side of the Phoenix Park. It all seemed like such an exciting adventure at the time, we would leave the house as early in the morning as possible, no mean feat when you think about the hassle of trying to get five kids ready and make a massive picnic at the same time. Little did I know at the time how much military like skill was involved on my parents behalf, I’ve only got one kid and even that is difficult enough, never mind trying to do it with five. Then try and add in the amount of ham and cheese sandwiches to be made prior to leaving the house.

We would arrive at the side of the park and then make our way through the Peoples Gardens before all standing in a line to cross the main road. Once we got across the first road then it was one big race down the hill to the grassy hollow with the bandstand sitting proudly in the centre. We made sure to run as fast as possible down to the bandstand so we could have a bit of a play here before our parents slowly made their own way down to catch up with us. Once they arrived we then had to make our way back up the opposite hill towards the gates of the Zoo. The first thing that we would catch sight of at the top of the hill was the very beautiful Tudor like structure that used to be known as The Kiosk when we were kids. This was when we really became excited, you knew you were close to the Zoo as soon as you could see The Kiosk. It has now been beautifully transformed into the Tea Rooms but I still get a little tinge of excitement every time I see it when I am in the park.

Oh, the memories eh !

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8 thoughts on “The Phoenix Park Tea Rooms

  1. Had an enjoyable few mins looking around your blog. Living just up the road from the park in Inchicore I spend a reasonable amount of time down there. Memorial Park in Islandbridge is closer so tend to go there. But your blog has given me some good inspiration so Thank you.

    Enjoyable and great photos

  2. Have Dave,
    I love the look at that venerable old tree standing like a sentinal in front of the Tea room.
    Very lovely :). I enjoyed your trip down memory lane, sharing your special memory connected to the Tea room.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    • Thanks so much.
      I have been trying to get a proper nostalgic feeling photo of this place for years.
      You have allayed my fears of non achievement, I wasn’t quite sure if I had captured it exactly right but I think you have convinced me.
      Thanks again.


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