Guest Photographer on Photobotos

I am truly honoured to say I am officially the guest photographer of the day on the rather wonderful Photobotos blog today. A huge thanks to blog owners Charlie and Tom for considering me and also for their kind and encouraging words about my photography.

Why not nip over to their blog and have a good look around.
Photobotos Blog


4 thoughts on “Guest Photographer on Photobotos

  1. Good morning Dave,

    I come through Fotopotos. It is always fascinating to discover other photographer’s visions of the world. Your vies of the park are idyllic. I have only barely scratched the surface with b&w, somethimes using it and being quickly reminded of the punch that it can pack.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Barbara.
      Just clicked the follow button on your blog, like the photos a lot.
      Black and white is certainly worth pursuing but be warned, it can take over your life a little but it can make you look at things a little bit differently. Try a bit of both, there’s no harm.


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