Set Of Four Postcards For Sale – €3.00

Ok, so my lovely new set of four printed postcards have just come back from the printers this morning and I must say I am really excited about them. I feel like I have just published my first book.

I am selling them as a set of all four together for only €3.00, that includes postage to you no matter where you are in the world.

You can see all four postcards in the image up above.

If you want to purchase them from me then just pay via Paypal, the email address to use via Paypal is “balddub[at]”. Once I have received your payment I will post out the postcards to you immediately, make sure you give me your full address when you are putting the payment through. The total cost is only €3.00, there is no additional postage or shipping costs on top of that.

You can also click the button below to purchase.


4 thoughts on “Set Of Four Postcards For Sale – €3.00

  1. I don’t have paypal Dave, but I would implore you to drop these into a few independent book shops.. Rathgar bookshop for one (cos it’s close to me)
    Really nice idea and shots…

    • Thanks Niall, its worth looking into.
      I only have 100 of each at the moment, it was all I could afford to do for starters. Think 50 of each are going into the Gallery Of Photography, fingers crossed anyway. Thea only leaves me with about 30 / 40 to sell then. I have already given a fair few away to gallery folk etc. If I can actually sell this bunch then I will do a slightly bigger run next time and drop them into more outlets.
      They should be available in the Gallery Of Photography from next week if you are around and want to pick some up.

    • By the way Niall, I have just been informed by a fellow blogger that you can just pay with your credit card on Paypal without actually having a Paypal account, click the button above and you can sign in as a temporary guest.


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