Silver Tree Roots, Phoenix Park

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Am I allowed to pick my own favourite photographs on this blog or should that honour be given to others who may possibly be a little bit more objective on this matter. Well, I am going to stick my neck out on this one and tell you that this here shot is one of my favourite shots in the last few months. I think I love it so much because it was taken on my new favourite toy [that being a wonderful Bronica camera, thanks Caroline by the way, in case you are reading this] and my new favourite film [Kodak Tri-x]. I promised I would always keep the geeky photographic tech speak off this blog so I won’t get into the reasons for liking one particular film over another, I can see your eyes glaze over at the slightest mention of tonal ranges, grain size, etc, so that’s the end of that already. I will also avoid explaining the joys of the wonderfully loud clunk of the Bronica camera when you press the shutter button, I think some of the deer several miles away get a bit of a jump each time I take a photo with it.

I love this photo for many reasons but I think the first one is the over-riding silver colour in the tree bark and the roots. To be honest it is something I have noticed that seems to be lacking a wee bit with digital shots. The Canon Eos is perfect for most shots but it seems to only feature black, white and hundreds of shades of gray but for some reason there is no silver in digital images, it’s also very possible I am doing something wrong in the processing stage but that’s all behind me now.

The image was taken on the grounds of the visitor centre in the Phoenix Park, regular visitors to this blog will have noticed at this stage that I like to photograph in this area quite a lot, but if you’ve been there yourself you know I can’t be blamed for loving it.

I was actually in the park this very morning [without camera by the way] and my son and I spent about half an hour watching two young swans practising how to fly. This involved the pair of them basically running across the top of the water whilst flapping their wings frantically. It was a truly wonderful sight to see, I must admit I spent the entire time wishing they wouldn’t succeed as the noise of them running across the water was breathtaking. I’ve never seen them doing this before and I felt very lucky to have stumbled upon them, although after about five minutes my son did keep asking me what I was looking at all the time. “Look Daddy, a stick”, “Look son, a swan trying to take off”, the sticks won in the end so I duly picked myself a good stick and began beating the fallen autumn leaves until they too attempted to take to the air. I must admit I do rather enjoy a good run around in the leaves, something very invigorating about it all.

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2 thoughts on “Silver Tree Roots, Phoenix Park

  1. I am slowly working my way through your blog posts and the standard of photos is spectacular. I would image if you asked me to pick this would be pretty high up the list but it would be impossible to choose.
    What are you using as a developer for the tri-x…

    • Hey Brendan, I really appreciate you visiting the blog and taking the time out to leave a message. Glad to hear you are enjoying the photos too.
      Sorry to say I am not sure what developer was used on the film, at the moment I am getting the film processed in the Gunns on Wexford Street. I don’t have a huge amount of time to dedicate to processing so I leave the film into Gunns and then do all the printing myself. They do an amazing job on the film but I have never asked them what they use. I would love to be able to do it all myself but at the moment I am limited to one day a week in the darkroom so I decided to just concentrate on printing for the moment.
      Thanks again for dropping by.


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