Relaxing In The Phoenix Park


These lads really do have the best life in the world. An entire park pretty much all to themselves, apart from people like me annoying them with zoom lenses and inept methods of creeping up on them in the long grass. I have had days in the past when I arrive home with wet knees from crawling slowly through the long grass just to get close enough to get a good shot. After many years of employing this method I decided to experiment with a new one, this involved walking slowly straight up to them. To be fair to the deer if you don’t go running up to them they are pretty relaxed about human beings getting close, I really didn’t need to worry about the camouflage and making sure not to look them straight in the eye. I think their theory is, if you don’t bother me I won’t bother you. The deer are so used to human contact at this stage they just seem to take it in their stride, or continue to sleep in this instance.


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