On Top Of The Magazine Fort, Phoenix Park.

Magazine Fort, Phoenix Park

This was taken on top of the magazine fort in the Phoenix Park, one of my favourite buildings in the entire park, derelict and all as it is.

These guys were creating quite a bit of noise on a beautiful quiet summers day, there were literally twenty or thirty birds knocking around at one stage, there seemed to be a bit of fuss about something or other. Not sure if they were arguing over ownership of the chimney stacks or maybe there were nests inside the actual stacks.

The bird on the right hand side of the photo looks like I placed a cardboard cut-out into the shot, trust me I’m not that ingenious [or tall].

I can only assume this place is a real haven for wild birds to live in, the gates are permanently locked, which is kind of sad because they could easily turn this building into a really interesting visitor attraction. It’s quite functional but at the same time rather beautiful, there is something very eerie about the general area surrounding it. I can only imagine there are some spectacular views from inside some of the rectangular lookouts planted on all four corners of the building.


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