It’s Cold

Sunrise at the Phoenix Park

There is something very cold and sparse looking about this photograph, to my eyes anyway.

To be honest the photo was taken quite early on a spring morning, the grass was crunchy underfoot from a light frost and the sun was only beginning to show its face. I think this added to the lovely white effect in the grass you can see in the foreground. There was just the slightest hint of frost on the grass and the sun was catching it perfectly whilst not being strong enough to catch the tree properly.

To my eyes the tree looked like it was actually leaning back and stretching in preparation of the day to come. It looks like it is extending every branch in one of those early morning stretches that we humans love so much. I kept thinking if I went a little closer I could probably hear the tree giving out a good hearty early morning groan.

The grass looks like it hasn’t quite made its mind up about whether to wake up or maybe have another couple of minutes before deciding to stand upright and face the day. There is a lovely languid kind of feel about the grass itself, it seems almost weighted down by the frost. Who would have thought that something as simple and natural as frost could have such an effect on our landscape.

This is one of those photos that you will either love or think “It’s just a tree and some grass”, I’m ok with that but personally I love the minimalism of the shot, especially the pure white sky in the background.

Hope I haven’t made you feel cold with this one.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Cold

  1. Love coming over here when there are a lot of new posts to look through on the main page.

    This is great photo. The contrast of the pure sky and the texture of the grass is fantastic. But that spindly tree makes it what it is I think, the distance means there’s no detail in it which really throws your attention to all that sharpness in the foreground. I love it…reminds me of an album cover actually.

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