This Crocodile’s Having A Laugh

Crocodile In Dublin Zoo

Anyone else get the impression that this guy is having a bit of a laugh at me.

There is something about the expression on his face [I’m sure he is not aware of it] but it looks like he has a huge grin on him, he’s probably thinking “Another fool with his camera trying to make it look like he was on a safari somewhere”.

I could try and lie, pretend I was on a safari somewhere but then the photo wouldn’t fit into the Phoenix Park theme would it. This shot was actually taken in Dublin Zoo. I must admit I am quite fond of this crocodile and regularly visit him when I go to the Zoo, which at this stage is about once a week. I have never been able to get a decent photo of him out of the water, I shouldn’t complain, it’s what crocodiles do isn’t it.

I finally caught him basking on one of the rocks in the enclosure and just as I am about to press the shutter on the camera he opens his mouth really wide like this and remained that way for as long as I was in the enclosure. I suppose I shouldn’t have been dangling the massive fresh fish I brought with me for bait in front of him.

He seems a somewhat jolly happy go lucky kind of fellow to me, always there with a great big smile on his face for all the visitors. I’m pretty sure he has other things on his mind whilst we all think he is smiling at us, they do say crocodiles don’t naturally hunt humans but I’m sure some of the smaller kids that visit look like a rather nice snack to him.

Fearsome and all as they actually are there is something very jovial and cuddly about this fella, next time I am going to ask the keepers if I can nip in for a play with him.

I will end by saying that I think Dublin Zoo is probably one of the finest in the world, they have made such amazing use of the huge space they occupy in the park, with a brand new enclosure for the Gorilla’s coming very soon too. Pay them a visit sometime, you will be very pleasantly surprised if you haven’t visited in the last ten years.

You can purchase prints or postcards of his photo from as little as €2.50 by clicking this link.


2 thoughts on “This Crocodile’s Having A Laugh

  1. Bloody awesome man I really think he is laughing cos he is considering a death roll party for 2 and one of the guests is dinner with a camera!

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