The Boathouse in Farmleigh

Boathouse in Farmleigh

I took this photo about three years ago on a truly beautiful summers day in Farmleigh.

Believe it or not but a beautiful summers day is not always the best time to take photographs. Sometimes the light from the sun can be so bright and strong that it makes things very difficult to photograph. The difference between shaded areas and those in direct sunlight can be so vast that you have to decide what you want visible in the photograph. I stood in this spot for about twenty minutes slowly waiting on some clouds in the distance to arrive so I could finally get just the right light on these plants in the foreground. I tried to capture the scene on infra-red but the gentle breeze just made it impossible to keep the upright plants still enough for such a long exposure.

If you get the chance there is a really lovely walk around the lake, don’t worry it’s not too long but well worth the effort.

Farmleigh can get quite busy during the summer at weekends so if you are like me and free during the week then I recommend you take a trip with the kids or a camera.

Enjoy the photo and as always, comments are greatly appreciated.


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