It’s Back To Nature Time Today.

Squirrel in the Phoenix Park


Ok, so I’m not really one for taking shots of things that move, that would include all kinds of animals and especially human beings. I like to spend a bit of time composing a photograph and if I were to include animals [apart from Sloths obviously] I would end up with just a blank space where they once featured. There is the odd day when I am sitting so still trying to get everything sorted for a shot of some thorny old tree that something or other will come into my line of vision.

This particular day I was lying on the ground at the back of the visitor centre carefully composing a shot of some rather lovely looking tree roots when I noticed something moving in the shot. This cheeky little fella was paying no attention to my presence on his patch, it was almost like he just couldn’t care less about me. I even had time to change the lenses on my camera, put on a super big zoom and he was still there happily eating whatever it is that he found. I would say I was literally only ten feet away from him and once he realised I meant him no harm he pretty much just went on about his business, I suppose some of the squirrels are probably quite used to human beings and are now quite trusting of them.

At a guess I would say I rattled off about twenty shots of this little messer and pretty much all of them were the same. My normal experience of fast moving animals tells me to just keep pressing the shutter because they will run as soon as they hear the shutter click the first time. This fella though was perfectly happy as long as I kept my distance.

You can now purchase prints or postcards of my photos by clicking this link.


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